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Listen to KNOX’s Acoustic Post-Dubstep Beauty ‘Here’

From the Boston brother-sister duo's forthcoming EP of the same name, via Sasha's Last Night On Earth label

Nic and Eliza Coolidge are KNOX, a brother-sister pair from Boston whose sonic experiments land them somewhere between the taut, emotive beatwork of James Blake and the acoustically-powered atmosphere of Bon Iver. He handles the seething, surging production, and she weaves her ethereal coo throughout the beautifully shifting sonic playground. This introduction, fittingly dubbed “Here,” hails from a forthcoming EP of the same name, due out on Last Night on Earth, the label run by Sasha (of “and Digweed” fame). “We are inspired by so much,” the band has said of their influences. “From the consequential sound events of walking down the street, to 20th Century innovators, to vintage pop, to ’80s industrial underground, to what are friends are playing. We try to absorb as much as we can and emit what feels natural.” And despite the unmistakable presence of electronics in KNOX’s songs, “Here” really does feel like an organic work.


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