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King Tuff Sees Double in Dance-Crazed ‘Keep on Movin” Video

King Tuff's "Keep on Movin'" video

Kyle Thomas has made a whole lot of friends since moving from Vermont to Los Angeles. But should that be any surprise? A garage-rocker with arena-friendly melodies in the grand Bob Pollard tradition, Thomas packs his excellent new self-titled Sub Pop album as King Tuff with good-hearted good times well worth writing home about. Nowhere is that more true than on “Keep on Movin’,” which we deemed “irresistible” from the word go. 

Thomas previously brought his friends together in separate bedrooms for the on-point visuals accompanying wide-eyed King Tuff weed-and-music ode “Alone & Stoned.” Similarly, the freshly posted video for scruffy bubble-glam earworm “Keep on Movin'” follows Thomas and friends as they shake their asses on a split screen, possibly while wearing Halloween costumes (we see you, barely there unitard bro).

In a wonderfully pretentious-yet-self-deprecating statement, Thomas calls the video a “a slo-mo, cinematic gang painting that expresses the freedom of the dance, the ancient magic that happens when you point a camera at cretins,” as quoted by Rolling Stone. “People may say the video is a very literal representation on the song title, but I think it’s actually a video concept that’s never been done before: people that can’t dance, dancing,” he continued. “J/K, we rule at dancing.” You know what else King Tuff rules at? Ruling.