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Kelly Clarkson Battles the Elements in Sleek ‘Catch My Breath’ Video

Kelly Clarkson's "Catch My Breath" video

There was an interview with Hillary Clinton over the weekend in which, less than a minute after telling New York Times columnist Gail Collins about her plans to do nothing next year, the Secretary of State started contemplating a tougher workout schedule. You get the feeling Kelly Clarkson has a similarly driven personality. Though the title of “Catch My Breath,” the lite EDM-pop single from her November 19 Greatest Hits — Chapter One comp, quite literally suggests a breather, there’s no rest for the original American Idol winner in the song’s newly released video. Clarkson is a solitary figure throughout the clip, and she’s indomitable, her face conveying nothing but confidence and determination as around her water bubbles and flame-like effects burst. At one point, Clarkson declares herself “addicted to the love I’ve found.” Consider this, then, a simple and majestic video affirmation of what another vocal powerhouse once called the greatest love of all.