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Kelly Clarkson Battles the Elements in Sleek ‘Catch My Breath’ Video

'Greatest Hits — Chapter One' lands November 19

There was an interview with Hillary Clinton over the weekend in which, less than a minute after telling New York Times columnist Gail Collins about her plans to do nothing next year, the Secretary of State started contemplating a tougher workout schedule. You get the feeling Kelly Clarkson has a similarly driven personality. Though the title of “Catch My Breath,” the lite EDM-pop single from her November 19 Greatest Hits — Chapter One comp, quite literally suggests a breather, there’s no rest for the original American Idol winner in the song’s newly released video. Clarkson is a solitary figure throughout the clip, and she’s indomitable, her face conveying nothing but confidence and determination as around her water bubbles and flame-like effects burst. At one point, Clarkson declares herself “addicted to the love I’ve found.” Consider this, then, a simple and majestic video affirmation of what another vocal powerhouse once called the greatest love of all.