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JEFF the Brotherhood Add Flute to Sludgy ‘Staring at the Wall’ on ‘Conan’

jeff the brotherhood, conan

Jake Orrall insists “nothing’s happening” so often on “Staring at the Wall,” from JEFF the Brotherhood’s new Hypnotic Nights, that we should know better than to believe him. Last night on Conan, in addition to Orrall’s lizard riffs and petulant vocals, or his brother Jamin Orrall’s stomping drum work, plenty else was happening. Something’s happening on Jake’s knit cap (it involves deer sex). Something’s happening underneath Jake’s leather jacket (as Stereogum points out, he’s wearing a Pentagram T-shirt). And something’s definitely happening when a flute player, identified by Rolling Stone as Jerry Vivino of the Conan house band, jumps out to add a jazzy solo that fills in for and expands upon the lead guitar on the album version. One more reason you might want to take it with a huge grain of salt when they insist being brothers makes it hard to be in a band together, or that Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, who produced the record, is secretly prone to violent temper tantrums.