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JEFF the Brotherhood Teleport in Retro ‘Leave Me Out’ Video

JEFF the Brotherhood "Leave Me Out" video

“Leave Me Out,” from JEFF the Brotherhood’s summer album Hypnotic Knights, is a loud-soft fuzz-popper about unrequited love, with unsubtle echoes of mid-’90s Weezer and the Rentals. Fittingly, the Nashville duo’s video for the song takes a similarly nostalgic tack. Showing the brothers straight-facedly bashing out the song in front of a green-screen background that spans from hot air balloons to outer space (and beyond?), it’s almost the music-video equivalent of that Wayne’s World scene demonstrating the wonders of Chroma key. “She’s so out of reach,” sighs guitarist-singer Jake Orrall, when with the click of a button he could be in… Delaware.