Jay-Z Verse Surfaces on Meek Mill’s Rick Ross-Assisted ‘Lay Up’ Remix

Jay-Z, Meek Mill, and Young Chris

It’s no great leap from rap’s NBA obsession to rap’s sex obsession, though the latter, of course, is even more universally shared. In a coincidence, SPIN has looked recently at not only which NBA team’s roster has the most shout-outs in rap songs, but also 40 NBA players and their pop-music alter egos. Our Dwayne Wade himself, Jay-Z, recorded a guest verse for Philadelphia-based Maybach Music Group affiliate Meek Mill’s new album Dreams and Nightmares, but Meek has said Jay rejected his own work as “wack.” Now the track, a remix of guitar-smoldering sex jam (swish!) “Lay Up,” has surfaced, via Dajaz1.

Meek isn’t here, but Rick Ross and Trey Songz return from the album version, Rozay with some new flourishes on his love of money and women. Jay stands in for the album’s Wale, and whether he’s at his best or not, his imperious example puts the song in a different league. In case you hadn’t guessed, “lay up” turns the routine basketball shot into a sexual double entendre. The most elaborate basketball allusion here, though, is when Rozay mentions how his lover “had a run-with the law / And shawty took a charge.” The image of Ross himself literally taking a charge on the basketball court would probably be too much for anyone to fathom.

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