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Watch James Franco’s Catty ‘Grease’ Remake for R.E.M.’s ‘That Someone Is You’

James Franco R.E.M. That Someone Is You video cat grease

And now for a James Franco whatthefuckery news update: The sometimes actor has cast himself as Danny Zuko in fake behind-the-scenes footage from Grease, and has put it out there, on the Internet, as a video for R.E.M’s Collapse Into Now cut “That Someone Is You.” Shot through the kind of grainy, piss-hued filter kids use to make iPhone pictures look old on Instagram, the Franco-directed look turns the camera on the choreography rehearsals for the 1978 film’s “You’re the One That I Want” scene. But what began a straightforward conceit gets twisted to surreality with a press of Control-P in post. Yes, finally, to the batshit inanity that makes this one a James Franco joint: Sandy has a cat head. A giant feline cranium of bobblehead proportions.

Is this any more ridiculous than Franco’s last directorial turn for R.E.M., the video for “Blue,” starring Liz & Dick snore-de-force Lindsay Lohan and porntographer Terry Richardson? Probably not. Is it at all surprising coming from a man who rhapsodized about the “old movies of Brando and Tennessee Williams” on an EP from a band that calls itself “Daddy”? Even less so.