See Gaslamp Killer’s Terrifying ‘Seven Years of Bad Luck for Fun’

gaslamp killer dimlite seven years of bad luck for fun video

Back in September we brought you the premiere of “Nissim,” a psychedelic gem inspired by traditional Turkish music, orchestrated by Los Angeles producer the Gaslamp Killer. If the song seemed like a detour from the art-damaged bass music the man is known for, well, it was and it wasn’t. Gaslamp’s new LP Breakthrough is a very diverse work, bound together by an interest in sounds that are dark and trippy regardless of their origin or outside associations. For “Seven Years of Bad Luck for Fun,” he teams with Stones Throw glitch-smith Dimlite to create a constantly shifting soundscape that feels like a world unto itself, despite its on-album run time of under four minutes. The Phil Nisco-directed video for the song, which comes to us via Pitchfork TV, similarly explores a foreign-feeling space that changes tack whenever you get too close to unraveling its mystery. Madness seems to be the overriding theme, as a clearly addled man shaves his head before embarking on a surreal journey. The Gaslamp Killer himself appears for but a moment, throwing a rave in a forest full of aging geisha.


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