Future Goes ‘3D’: ‘Kimmel’ Gig With Kelly Rowland, Ciara Remix, and ‘Jealous’ Bonus

future, jimmy kimmel

Future’s SPIN Essential debut album, Pluto, received a deluxe-edition reissue yesterday as Pluto 3D, and the Atlanta rapper-singer is offering plenty of reasons to celebrate the occasion. He stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night for a wonderfully boisterous performance of sci-fi-synth fantasy love song “Turn on the Lights” and, with a grinning Kelly Rowland, the similarly spacy actual love song “Neva End (Remix).” (The two also recently released a well-executed video that lays bare their characters’ struggles with cheating — it’s below, too).

With one R&B singer hopping on his song, Future returned the favor and jumped on Ciara’s “Sorry (Remix Part 2),” a silky grind recalling her magnificent 2006 pinnacle “Promise”; Future adds some throaty absurdity that sadly has nothing to do with T.I. and André 3000’s excellent new “Sorry.” Finally, bass-buzzing, keyboard-centric Pluto 3D bonus track “Jealous” has also surfaced online, giving Future a chance to brag, once and for all, that he’s no “one-hit wonder.” 

Pluto‘s success, it seems, has turned haters into Martians: green with envy.





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