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Hear Dinowalrus’ Woozy Rave-Rock Single ‘House Divided’

Dinowalrus House Divided Stream

“House Divided” is a fitting name for the new single from Brooklyn psychedelic wanderers Dinowalrus. The three-piece, led by singer/guitarist Pete Feigenbaum has made their name by infusing narcotic rock’n’roll with older, organic strains of electronic music. While previous outings have explored old Madchester tropes a la Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays, or gone back a bit farther still to New York No Wave, recent forays have sent the band pinwheeling into the wilds of ’90s ambient house — folks like the Orb and Yellow Magic Orchestra. (Listen closely and you might hear nods to modern hybridized cousins like Bear in Heaven as well.) Of course, Dinowalrus are their own beast, and they sway to their own druggy drum. Word is the band just wrapped up recording on their third album, with Violens’ Jorge Elbrecht lending a hand on the mix. No word as to whether or not “House Divided” will be on the final product, but it seems a step in the right direction after this year’s euphoric but sometimes shy Best Behavior.