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Darkstar Tease ‘News From Nowhere’ LP With Video Loops

Darkstar News From Nowhere Timeaway Loops

London electronic trio Darkstar have announced their second album, News From Nowhere, due out February 5 on Warp Records. We introduced you to the lushly layered upcoming 12-inch single, “Timeaway,” last month, and now you can preview the rest of the new LP via the above YouTube playlist, featuring “News #1-10.” The November 13 vinyl release will feature 10 locked-groove loops, each one a snippet from a song on News From Nowhere, in order of the album’s track list (which you’ll find below). The band created 10 GIF-inspired clips to go with, and while only revealing mere seconds of the new long-player’s innards, they provide a little color and mood — not to mention some Myst-like enigma — to help build excitement for News.

Darkstar’s News From Nowhere track list:
1. “Light Body Clock Starter”
2. “Timeaway”
3. “Armonica”
4. –
5. “A Day’s Pay For A Day’s Work”
6. “Young Heart’s”
7. “Amplified Ease”
8. “You Don’t Need A Weatherman”
9. “Bed Music – North View”
10. “Hold Me Down”