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Chris Brown Is a Dick (Again), Deletes Twitter Account (Again)

Chris Brown Rihanna

Only 28 shopping days until Chris Brown ruins Christmas. The ostensible pop singer, who these days seems to spend more time showing other human beings how not to act, already trolled the world on Halloween by dressing up as a Middle Eastern terrorist. Over Thanksgiving weekend, Breezy managed to get into an ugly Twitter spat that culminated in his Twitter account disappearing.

Breezy being Breezy, his final Twitter exchange was childish, sexist, and, if you take his word for it, somehow everybody else’s fault. As E! News reports, after Brown tweeted that “I look old as fuck! I’m only 23…,” the comedy writer Jenny Johnson replied, “I know! Being a worthless piece of shit can really age a person.” To which Brown shot back: “Take them teeth out when u Sucking my dick HOE.” Charming, as usual.

It really only gets worse for humanity from there. Johnson, who as the Huffington Post notes has previously tweeted that Brown “should be in prison,” set about correcting Brown’s spelling of “ho” — because as we all know quibbling over English skills is the coolest, most convincing way to win an argument. Brown reportedly continued slamming Johnson, saying, “I should fart while ur giving me top.” His final tweets, as compiled by CelebrityTweet: “To teambreezy… Know that I’m not upset. Just felt like entertaining the ignorance. These bitches crazy… Further proved my point of how immature society is. #CarpeDiem Catch me in traffic…”

Given Breezy’s penchant for douchebaggery, of course it’s not his first time quitting Twitter. He also did so in 2009, back when his handle was @MechanicalDummy, after launching a tirade against Walmart and other big stores over his claims they were boycotting his then-new album, Graffiti. He also tweeted a bunch of terrible shit after this year’s Grammy Awards ceremony, to which he was inexplicably invited to perform, and then deleted said terrible shit.

Brown’s 2009 assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna, who despite singing that her relationship with Brown is “Nobody’s Business” posted a photo of what sure looks to be him on Instagram over the weekend, also continues to dog him IRL. The AP reports he canceled a concert in Guyana amid protests over the beating. Team Breezy told E! News that the concert was unconfirmed and “the promoter is being untruthful.”

Of course, that, too, wasn’t the first time Brown’s offstage theatrics led to protests against his onstage ones. Earlier this month, posters promoting Brown’s concerts in Sweden were replaced with new ones that used the infamous police photo of Rihanna’s beaten face — you know, the one that bears a disturbing resemblance to one of Brown’s most recent tattoos. And in the U.K. in September, the group Abuse Sticks Out, who spoke exclusively to SPIN, stuck labels that read “WARNING: Do not buy this album! This man beats women!” onto a record store’s open stock of Brown’s latest album Fortune.

For all that, Brown can point to at least one positive from his few days, setting aside the old “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” adage. According to TMZ, neither Brown nor Drake will face criminal charges over their alleged role in a huge nightclub brawl over the summer in New York City. Law enforcement sources reportedly said the investigation is complete and has not led to criminal charges. Maybe they’ll catch him in traffic?