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Bruce Springsteen Wants You to Be in His New Documentary

'Springsteen & I' hits theaters worldwide in 2013

Now that Bruce Springsteen has successfully campaigned for President Barack Obama and raised money for Hurricane Sandy victims, he can go back to being just Bruce Springsteen again. Of course, being Springsteen involves being a veteran folk-rocker with a huge and adoring fan base, so that shouldn’t be too hard. A group working on a new documentary about what Springsteen means to his listeners is calling on those very fans to share their stories about how his music has affected their lives, according to a post on the Boss’ website (via Exclaim).

Titled Springsteen & I, the film is being produced by Ridley Scott Associates, Black Dog Films, and Scott Free London, and it’s scheduled for a global theatrical release next year. The producers are inviting both new and old either to contribute their own footage or contact the filmmakers via e-mail or phone. “We are searching for a wide variety of creative interpretations, captured in the most visually exciting way you can think of,” producer Svana Gisla says in the post. “If you have a parent, a sibling, a neighbor, or a colleague who has an interesting tale, we want to know about them.”

Billed as a “collective filmmaking enterpise,” the documentary is inspired by Life in a Day, a 2011 movie crowdsourced from 80,000 submissions. Fans can upload video, photographs, or audio through the film’s website. The submission period runs from November 15 through November 29. For those who were born to have their Springsteen-related anedcotes run through projectors in cinemas worldwide (sorry), here’s your chance.