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Circus: Britney Spears Case Dismissed as Judge Tosses Ex-Associate’s Claims

britney spears lawsuit dismissed

Britney Spears is officially stronger than yesterday. A judge has thrown out a case by the pop star’s former self-described manager Sam Lutfi, the AP reports. Lutfi failed to present enough evidence for his claims in a case that focused on Spears’ infamous 2007 breakdown, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bruguera ruled Thursday.

Lutfi had been suing Spears for 15 percent of her earnings during the 2007-2008 period when he was involved with her career. His lawsuit also claimed Spears’ father James punched him in the chest at Britney’s Los Angeles home, and that mother Lynne Spears libeled him in her 2008 book Through the Storm. The judge sided with the Spears clan’s attorneys, who argued Lutfi had too little proof for all of these long-ago allegations to merit a jury trial.

Spears, with her role on The Voice and recent hits like “Till the World Ends,” appears to have very impressively transformed her life and career since the dark days recounted by Lutfi. Unfortunately, the case didn’t get thrown out until after her former confidante went on the record with some harsh accusations, including the claim that Spears shaved her head to hide her addiction to crystal meth. Hardly less dark, potentially, was the in-court revelation that Lutfi and Courtney Love are working on a Broadway musical based on the songs of Nirvana.

It’s one thing to draw associations between the now-30-year-old Spears and the brilliantly sociopathic characters on Breaking Bad. But Britney definitely never did anything to deserve being linked to some Grunge of Ages jukebox schlockfest. Finally, as a palate cleanser, here’s your regularly scheduled reminder that Spears’ much-maligned meltdown-era album Blackout had some enduringly great songs.