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Hear Boris and Asobi Seksu Cover Each Other for Record Store Day 7-Inch

Two-fifths of Boris and Asobi Seksu

Japan’s shoegazyiest heavy metal band and America’s most heavily stylish shoegaze band have joined forces for two sides of vinyl to be unleashed on Record Store Day’s Black Friday. Yes, Boris and Asobi Seksu are going the Mudhoney/Sonic Youth route and covering each others’ songs, and their respective labels (Sargent House and Polyvinyl) are footing the bill.

On the A-side, Asobi Seksu leans into a twinkling, shimmering version of “Farewell,” from Boris’ 2005 coming-out-party for thier shoegazer tendacies, Pink. Then on the flip, the mighty Boris cranks up the fuzz on Asobi’s breezy, blurry, “I Melt With You”-summoning “New Years” (as “Neu Years,” lol). We think there’s some theremins at the end.

This is definitely gonna be one of the most sought-after slabs on Black Friday so bring a warm jacket, a handful of hallucinogenics, and start lining up now! 

Also, Boris is gonna be hitting the road in December, climaxing with an appearance at the Shellac-curated All Tommorows Parties festival. Hear the tunes now and catch ’em if you’re over in Europe this Winter! 

Boris Tour Dates
December 4 – Brighton, UK @ Coalition
December 5 – Manchester, UK @ Islington Mill
December 6 – London, UK @ Scala
December 7 – Rye, UK @ All Tomorrow’s Parties
December 8 – Leeds, UK @ Brudnell Social Club
December 11 – Cork, IE @ Cyprus Avenue
December 12 – Bristol, UK @ The Fleece
December 13 – Birmingham, UK @ The Rainbow Warehouse
December 14 – Hasselt, BE @ Kunstencentrum Belgie
December 15 – The Hague, NE @ The Hague – State-X New Forms Festival
December 16 – Karlsruhe, DE @ Jubez
December 17 – Lausanne, CH @ Le Romandie
December 18 – Munich, DE @ Feierwerk e.V.
December 19 – Dresden, DE @ Beatpol