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Black Keys Let Schoolgirls Run Wild in ‘Sister’ Video

Black Keys' "Sister" video

Baby, baby, how were the Black Keys supposed to know? The most iconic instance of a schoolgirl uniform in music video history has to be Britney Spears’ breakthrough “…Baby One More Time” video, but the bluesy Ohio rockers soundtrack several teenage girls’ rebellious rejection of those uniforms in the new clip for their snare-thwacking El Camino boogie-rocker “Sister.” For some reason Noisey, which posted the video, says it came “seemingly from out of nowhere” and is “presumably fan-created,” but those weasely adverbs give away that this sharply edited, lightly narrative-driven video is almost certainly the work of professionals. The song asks what “they” did to the “sister” of the title, and while that question isn’t answered here, the girls’ escape from school to smoke and look out on London suggests these young women aren’t about to let anyone do it to them again. Not one more time.

Update: The Black Keys’ publicist tells SPIN the “Sister” video was not authorized by the band and has therefore been removed.