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Bjork Is the World’s Weirdest Geology Teacher in ‘Mutual Core’

Bjork Mutual Core Geology Science

Used to be our dear Bj?rk was content with hosting hot robotic Bj?rk avatar on robotic Bj?rk avatar action in her videos, but these days, while the world is hurtling ever closer toward singularity, well, she’s feeling more organic. In the new Andrew Thomas Huang-directed video for Biophilia single “Mutual Core,” our pagan heroine reinvents herself as the freakiest geology teacher the world’s ever seen, standing waist-deep in an endless sandbox while singing about shuffling tectonic plates. She holds examples of the latter in her hands, squeezes them to her chest, and then plants them below, where they rise up as floating earth islands, eventually sprout Bj?rk faces of their own, and subsequently attempt to sensually subduct one another. Naturally, this results in a fiery eruption of magma before things cool off and start all over again. This might be the weirdest NOVA pilot ever created. But, you know, yeah science! all the same. The song itself is an exhilarating collision of taut melodicism and quaking bass. These New Puritans give “Mutual Core” their own considerably less wubby spin for the upcoming Bastards remix set, which also features the now label-less Death Grips and TNGHT’s Hudson Mohawke. The 13-song set is currently streaming in full over at the Guardian.