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Azealia Banks Gets ‘Fierce’ for U.K. Fashion Site

Azealia Banks Fierce Video Fashion

In a short but sweet clip for Azealia Banks’ “Fierce,” the SPIN cover star struts, writhes, and wriggles like the mermaid-inspired fashionista we know her to be (check out our photo shoot with the New York mike-ripper). The song, of course, hails from her aquatically themed Fantasea mixtape, which reviewer Greg Tate described as “spontaneously combustive and utterly boisterous.” While the video also doubles as promotion for England’s online clothes-peddlers ASOS, the tie-in is neither egregious nor unexpected. Whether she’s vamping through the streets of her city in big black hats and suspenders or calling out Dolce & Gabbana for using arguably racist imagery, Banks keeps one stilettoed foot firmly planted in the fashion world. “My only bad habit?” she asks on “Fierce,” before answering her own question with the tiger-blood swagger of Charlie Sheen circa 2011: “My addiction to win.”