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Running to Stand Still: Watch U.S. Girls’ ‘North on 45’ Video

U.S. Girls mastermind Meghan Remy isn’t going to let you experience a piece of her art without kicking in a little brainpower, so watch our premiere of her new “North on 45” video with your thinking cap on: Is the woman in the clip (Lulu Hazel Turnbull) running backwards or forwards? Toward the lights or away from them? Desperately or ecstatically? As Remy’s vocal line gloriously clashes with the piano-driven track backing her, we watch a scantily clad woman take a seemingly harrowing late-night jog down a country road (“One camera, one car, one woman and one silk robe were the only things used to make this video,” Remy, who directed and filmed the clip, tells us), but the questions about power and intention raised by this fascinating video are anything but minimal.
U.S. Girls’ fourth album, GEM — another fruitful collaboration with Slim Twig — is due on FatCat October 23.