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The Rolling Stones Cover the Beatles in 1965 ‘Charlie Is My Darling’ Clip

Rolling Stones the Beatles cover Charlie Is My Darling

The Rolling Stones cover the Beatles’ “I’ve Just Seen A Face” and “Eight Days a Week” in a teaser clip from the upcoming 1965 Ireland travelogue, Charlie Is My Darling. The video captures the band in their youth, playfully aping the Liverpool band often cast as their rivals. The film will be available November 6 in a variety of formats, including a deluxe version that includes a DVD, Blu-Ray, two CDs (the soundtrack, and live recordings from their 1965 British tour), a vinyl 10-inch, a poster for their Belfast gig, a 42-page hardcover book, and a film cell.

The Rolling Stones and their fans are currently celebrating the band’s 50th anniversary, and it’s been a busy one so far. Mick Jagger sang with President Obama and went on to host and play Saturday Night Live. SPIN revisited their first gig, and shared a sizable set of lost vintage photos. Then there was the brand new song, “Doom and Gloom,” the anniversary shows (ticket prices rising), and yet another career-spanning documentary, Crossfire Hurricane. Eight days a week indeed. These fellas grustle like a band one twenty-fifth their age.