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Taylor Swift Flips Adele’s Script, Finds Love in Paris-Set ‘Begin Again’ Video

Taylor Swift 'Begin Again'

Well, she’ll always have Paris. The latest video from Taylor Swift’s new album, the very pop and almost certainly very popular Red, whisks the nominally country singer to the City of Love. There she lives out the observational, storytelling lyrics of “Begin Again,” the twang-streaked soft-rock ballad where Swift’s infamous kiss-offs turn into, well, kiss the girl already! The clip resembles nothing so much as a sort of bizarro version of Adele’s “Someone Like You” video, where the British Bond girl could be seen strolling past some of the same Parisian landmarks. Except where the black-and-white Adele video is heartbreakingly sad, Swift’s is colorful and tingling with new romance. In a song that’s sure to launch a million blooming-relationship mixes, Swift learns that sometimes it lasts in love, after all: “I’ve been spending the last eight months / Thinking all love ever does / Is break and burn and end / But on a Wednesday in a cafe / I watched it begin again.” Play “Begin Again” again, Sam.

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