Stream Converge’s Gloriously Brutal New Album ‘All We Love We Leave Behind’

Converge stream album All We Love We Leave Behind

The super fierce, wrecking ball-swinging hardcore hellions in Converge are streaming their entire new album, All We Love We Leave Behind, via YouTube. If the title of the Salem quartet’s eighth studio LP seems macabre, well, you’re reading it right. This is immensely heavy music — ranging from gut-ripping speed thrash to brain-clawing buildups to spiraling spasms of technical might — and the subject matter is equally visceral and bleak. Over songs with names such as “Tender Abuse,” “Empty on the Inside,” and “Predatory Glow,” Jacob Bannon alternately shreds his pipes raw or coos creepy like Mike Patton. But don’t take our word for it. Take his. If, of course, you can divine a clear syllable from this explosion of glorious brutality. All We Love We Leave Behind is out October 9 on Epitaph Records. Also: rad visuals, dudes.


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