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Sleeping Bag Turn In ‘Walk Home,’ a Shaggy Pop Anthem

From the Indiana band's "Women of Your Life" LP

Bloomington, Indiana’s Sleeping Bag are into that whole brevity thing. They’re a streamlined trio, led by singer/drummer/songwriter Dave Segedy, with a knack for bite-sized bedroom rock bliss-outs that almost stumble their way into incredible catchiness. “Walk Home” is a perfect example of what they do best, riding high simple harmonies and happy whistling — anthemic even though its barely got any words. The song is the first taste of Sleeping Bag’s sophomore album, Women of Your Life, due out November 27 on Joyful Noise. In keeping with the band’s affinity for ’90s indie (see Pavement, Teenage Fanclub), the LP will also come in a limited run (300 copies) of “double mint” green vinyl.

Sleeping Bag, Women of Your Life track list:
1. “Women of Your Life”
2. “Soda You”
3. “Soccer Ball”
4. “Allison Cole”
5. “In the Pocket”
6. “Nightmare”
7. “Saturday Night”
8. “Coco”
9. Still Life”
10. “Walk Home”