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Slash’s Wife Says Axl Rose Has an Appetite for Chili Burgers

Axl Rose on 'Kimmel'

On Wednesday night, Axl Rose stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live!, marking the first time in 20 years that the media-shy Guns N’ Roses frontman has sat down for a live televised interview. For many, the chat offered a rare glimpse into Rose’s private world as he discussed his disdain for punctuality, Halloween trees, and why he’s backing (but not voting for) Barack Obama. He even provided the audience with free concert tickets and hamburgers. However, other viewers saw the interview as an opportunity to further trash Axl. Perla Hudson, the wife of former GNR guitarist and Rose’s arch-nemesis Slash, was one of those people who saw a bloated Rose on Kimmel! and felt it necessary to share her thoughts with Us Weekly.

Surprisingly, Axl didn’t use his late-night appearance as a platform to talk smack about his former bandmates, but that didn’t stop Slash’s wife from taking aim at Rose. “I was waiting for something enlightening and all I got was promotion for a show and his evident affinity for a chili burger,” Hudson told Us, hinting that Rose only appeared on TV to sell tickets to GNR’s upcoming Vegas residency (isn’t that point of a promotional appearance on a talk show, anyway?). “Where is the love Axl? And I stayed up for this? Sex, drugs and chili dogs. Long live Axl Rose. And a Halloween tree.”

As for Rose giving out hamburgers to the crowd, Hudson turned the nice gesture into a swipe at Axl’s not-so-svelte physique. “He’s had a Slash, a Buckethead and a Bumblefoot and evidently way too many Tommy’s chili burgers! Hope there were some left for the audience,” Hudson joked. Geez, just imagine what Perla would’ve said if Axl had actually mentioned Slash.