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The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Cover Magnetic Fields’ ‘Jeremy’

Hear the first song from the twee-gaze group's new 7-inch single

New York twee-gazers the Pains of Being Pure at Heart have a new 7-inch out at the end of the month featuring covers of “two of their favorite bands ever,” according to this morning’s announcement. The October 29 olive green platter (downloadable next Tuesday) is led off by a jangle-pop rendition of the Magnetic Fields’ “Jeremy,” which is streaming below. The B-side features “My Life is Wrong” by O.G. home-recorder East River Pipe.

Says Pains’ Peggy Wang via statement: “The Magnetic Fields were a band that could exist outside of a context and still make me fall in love with them. I didn’t need to know if they were anyone else’s favorite band, I didn’t need to know what they looked like or where they were from or any frivolous details a hypothetical Tigerbeat interview might have divulged to me. The Magnetic Fields might have been the last band I ever unconditionally loved.”

She also apparently doesn’t need to know that the Magnetic Fields are still a band, and still quite capable of being loved. We haven’t yet heard the East River Pipe cover, but main man Kip Berman describes the original as having “jangly guitars, the tinny kick and snare of a drum machine, and and an intimate vocal delivery intended for living rooms and campus rec centers,” as well as “a sense of grand ambition thwarted.”