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Godawful ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ Series May Finally Die

Now That's What I Call Music retire cut done

Yesterday, we reported on an unfortunate effect of EMI’s $1.9 billion sale to Universal Music Group. Today, we have good news. Since the mega-merger would give UMG 39 percent of the global record market, EMI has to get rid of some stuff.

While Blur is understandably protesting the sale of Parlophone, we’re perfectly happy to report that the horrendous Now That’s What I Call Music! pop compilation series may finally get the ignominious public death it’s long deserved.

Fitting that the thing launched in 1983 (sampling: UB40, Rod Stewart, Kajagoogoo) and its final installment may be November’s forthcoming volume 83. According to Metro, unless an outside investment comes, Now could be canned by year’s end.

“They’re a total guilty pleasure and an essential part of growing up,” Top of the Pops editor Peter Hart told The Telegraph. “These song collections are nearly as an important part of British pop heritage as Top Of The Pops itself, and it would be devastating to see them disappear for good.”

We’re pretty sure he’s talking about something else. However, if you do wish to see a gloriously brutal dissection of the Now franchise’s American run (due to hit its 44th chapter also in November), visit The A.V. Club column, “Then That’s What They Called Music!”

We don’t normally do this, but …