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No Doubt Perform ‘Looking Hot’ For the POTUS

No Doubt Jay Leno

Roughly around the same time Axl Rose was telling Jimmy Kimmel that he’s semi-endorsing Barack Obama, a few miles north in Burbank, No Doubt were performing for the POTUS himself. President Obama was the only guest on The Tonight Show last night, and he spent nearly a half-hour talking to Jay Leno about a whole variety of topics, from Donald Trump to the NHL lockout to the cure for Romnesia. Following that discourse, Gwen Stefani took the stage to sing about narcissism and ragamuffins, courtesy of Push and Shove‘s latest single “Looking Hot.” Stefani didn’t rely on backing tracks, which was impressive, but we were also wowed by her ability to traipse around the Tonight Show stage in what appear to be foot-long heels. And if you’re wondering if drummer Adrian Young was able to meet Obama, the answer is “Yes. Yes he did.” Good thing he actually wore pants for this performance.