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No Doubt Cash Out in ‘Band Hero’ Settlement

No Doubt Band Hero unlocked lawsuit

No Doubt may be a “virtual karaoke circus act” in Activision’s 2009 Guitar Hero spinoff Band Hero, but at least they’re now getting paid for the privilege. On Monday, according to Billboard, the two parties settled a lawsuit initiated by the band when the game debuted three years ago.

Gwen Stafani was apparently not pleased to learn that her avatar could be unlocked and used to perform, as cited in the filing, the Rolling Stones’ “Honkey Tonk Women.” Also not received well was the fact that her bassist and former beau Tony Kanal could be made to sing “Just a Girl” in Stefani’s voice.

The case, which alleges fraud, violation of publicity rights, and breach of contract, was set to be tried in a few weeks. Activision had claimed that unlocking unadvertised features is a time-honored gaming tradition, but we imagine you still have to “advertise” that to the band first.

As Billboard explained in February of last year, a court decision would’ve most likely revolved around First Amendment rights, as to whether freedom of speech protected the video game company from using the band’s likenesses in contexts that weren’t pre-approved .

Unfortunately, the details of the settlement remain undisclosed and nobody from either side was interested in discussing anything any further, so that’s that. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this virtual slaying of “Just a Girl” by No Doubt as No Doubt intended.