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Nicki Minaj Visits Middle Earth in ‘Va Va Voom’ Video

Nicki Minaj Va Va Voom Video Middle Earth

Whoa Frodo, keep that Bilbo in your Baggins. Nicki Minaj gets her sassy Galadriel on in the new video for “Va Va Voom,” a Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded single that spends a lot of time contemplating the One Thing that guides it. For the Hype Williams-directed clip, Minaj takes on a variety of fairy tale fantasies that cast her alternately as an idyllic babe, a damsel in distress, a sleeping beauty, and a wicked witch. Meanwhile, she’s rescued or ravished by a cast of strapping men, in a land not dissimilar to The Lord of the Rings‘ Middle Earth.

This is the sixth single and ninth video to hail from Roman Reloaded, following “The Boys” featuring Cassie and the guest-packed “Come on a Cone” clip, and it arrives on the eve of the much-milked April album’s November 19 re-release, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded — The Re-Up. We’re pretty sure Dave Chappelle would have a field day with the ridiculous rap reissue business and the redundancy of that title, but he’s probably off swinging a battle axe somewhere with those medievally swole arms.