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Monsters of Rock: Eyewitness Accounts of Music’s Scariest Frontmen

GG Allin / Photo by Getty Images

GG Allin / Photo by Getty ImagesGG Allin
The Terrorizer: The mother of all shock-rockers, the maniac born Jesus Christ Allin was a self-mutilating, feces-flinging legend. The Terrorized: In 1993, Aaron Jaffe attended Allin’s last show, hours before the artist OD’d. “He ‘did his business’ [onstage]. He also put his head through a galss door. He was picking fights, but who wants blood and fecal matter on your hands?”

Danzig / Photo by Getty ImagesDanzig
The Terrorizer: Devilock’d ex-Misfits frontman Glenn Danzig lives up to his ghoulish image.
The Terrorized: In 2006, James S. Doyle saw Danzig live in Brisbane, Australia. “This girl kept trying to climb onstage. Glenn told her to stop but she wouldn’t, so he kicked her in the throat. Then his monitor wouldn’t work, so he threw it and nearly crushed a security guard.”

The Terrorizer: These Chicago punk-rock sickos were one of the 1990s’ most unapologetically violent bands.
The Terrorized: As a college student, Christian Smith saw the Dwarves’ carnage in Atlanta in 1992. “There was a stream of projectiles, and it wasn’t just the singer smashing people with his mic — I also saw both guitarists and the bassist use their instruments to bash and club [people].”

AxCx / Photo by Getty ImagesAxCx
The Terrorizer: The late Seth Putnam, who fronted grindcore pioneers Anal Cunt (a.k.a., AxCx), peppered audiences with aggro outbursts.
The Terrorized: In 1995, Ross Grady saw AxCx in Chapel Hill, North Carolina: “A couple sat down facing the stage. Seth launched himself onto their laps. They fell backwards with a gibbering Putnam on top of them.”

Heroine SheiksHeroine Sheiks
The Terrorizer: Shannon Selberg of Minneapolis noiseniks the Heroine Sheiks was known for stabbing audience members with a retractable knife.
The Terrorized: Iowa City’s Samuel Locke Warde saw ample evidence of Selberg’s craziness in 2002. “He nearly put people’s eyes out with an umbrella end. Then he tried to cause accidents by pretending to be blind in the middle of an intersection.”