MNDR on the Middle Class and Civil Liberties


At this point we have seen and felt the failure of “trickle down” economics. The gap between the “haves and have-nots” becomes greater and greater each and every day. I believe the answer is to relieve the strain and burden on the declining middle class in order to revive growth, small business, and entrepreneurship. There needs to be a redistribution of wealth in America before greedy corporations and wealthy individuals extinguish the American Dream. Even Warren Buffet said as much in his New York Times op-ed “Stop coddling the super-rich.”

My stance on gay marriage and women’s health care is drenched in civil liberties. I want religion out of my government and, frankly, out of my uterus! I want to preserve the civil liberties that this country fought so hard to uphold for all Americans. In my mind it is simple: marriage is a choice and people should have the freedom to marry whoever they want. In regards to women’s health, it is up to the woman to make their own decisions about their own bodies. Denying the civil liberties of gay marriage and women’s health is a basic denial of civil liberties for all of us, and I will personally fight for civil rights until the end of my days.

These are the issues that I would like you all to remember when going to vote for this presidential election.


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