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Lady Gaga to Die Antwoord: ‘You Don’t Have a Hit’

Lady Gaga Die Antwoord Fatty Boom Boom respond

On Tuesday, SPIN detailed the various crimes against Lady Gaga depicted in Die Antwoord’s new “Fatty Boom Boom” video. In the clip, the South African Zef-rap provacateurs dress a man up like Mother Monster, send him out into the slums in a meat dress, and make him give birth to an unholy locust thing before dude gets devoured by a lion. All of this beef, ahem, allegedly spawned, ahem, because Gaga offered the group an opening slot on her tour.

Well, Gaga’s fired back, via Twitter.

Never ones to back down from controversy, or schoolyard tactics, Die Antwoord responded:

While none of this is all that surprising, what’s shocking is that the same statements on the artists’ respective Facebook profiles show Die Antwoord leading in likes, comments, and shares. The post from Lady Gaga, whose profile has 53.3 million likes overall, has nabbed 20K likes, 2,300 comments, and fewer than 500 shares. The post from Die Antwoord, whose profile has only half a million likes, so far seems to have 22K likes, 3,500 comments and 2,200 shares.

Hard to tell who’s winning. 800,000 views and counting: