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Help Julian Casablancas Make His Film Score Debut

julian casablancas the strokes shes lost control

The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas is angling for a job in the film industry. According to The Strokes News, the frontman will help his friend, composer Simon Taufique, score She’s Lost Control, an indie flick written by German filmmaker and first-time director Anja Marquardt — if the film can come up with the cash. A Kickstarter page for the project includes a video featuring Casablancas.

“I’m Julian, I’m one of Simon’s friends,” the singer says in a typically blasé delivery. “Whatever he needs, I’ll do.”

The project has a $50,000 goal, which will fund casting, securing locations, and feeding everyone on set. Casablancas, in turn, will contribute some tunes to the movie.

Described as a cross between “pop-cultural thriller and art house independent,” She’s Lost Control follows lead character Ronah, a woman in her thirties who “teaches men how to be intimate and make love.” The film finds its sexual therapist protagonist straddling “a clear boundary between her professional intimacy and her own feelings. When she starts working with a new patient, Johnny, that line begins to blur.”

Currently, the not-yet-in-production film has raised $11,633 with 15 days left on its Kickstarter deadline. Donations are tax deductible, and anyone who pledges $10,000 or more is eligible to become an executive producer on the film, joining Taufique, Mollye Asher, and executive producer Oren Moverman. Backers interested in executive producing are urged to contact the crew via e-mail.