Hear How to Destroy Angels’ Glitchy ‘Keep It Together’ Remixed By Dave Sitek

How to Destroy Angels Dave Sitek Keep it Together Remix

Earlier this month Trent Reznor helped Dave Sitek ring in his new label Federal Prism by providing a remix for the imprint’s inaugural single. Now, the TV on the Radio co-founder and producer has returned the favor by reworking “Keep It Together,” the new single from Reznor’s How to Destroy Angels project. The already glitchy, bass-boosted track gets weirder still in Sitek’s hands, as he abstracts the vocals and recasts the percussion, making a spooky mood piece that eventually latches onto a spiraling guitar riff before exploding into 808 bounce. Wired had the premiere, along with an oblique quote from Sitek: “A chance to be pushed through the veins and swarm the heart. Saddled to this strange drug music … a wild trip…. I was lucky to be asked.” Is that haiku? The band’s second EP, An Omen, is due November 13 via Columbia.


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