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Hear Zombi’s Steve Moore Remix Shock’s ‘Heaven’


There’s nothing shocking about the Bay Area’s Shock — not in the Jane’s Addiction sense, nor by virtually any other metric of voltage, outrage, or seismic shudder. Quite to the contrary, the trio’s warm, sedate style exemplifies a particularly refined kind of adult disco, in the tradition of Hatchback, Windsurf, and Sorcerer. (In fact, Dan Judd, of Sorcerer and Windsurf, plays synthesizers in the band, alongside guitarist Michael Taras and the bassist and singer Terri Loewenthal, of the band Rubies.) But just because it’s not likely to wake the toddlers doesn’t mean that the music itself is a snooze. “Heaven,” their debut single, spins echoes of Giorgio Moroder, Blondie, and even early Cure into woozy, whispery disco that works equally well for babysitting and baby-making.

Released on San Francisco’s Voltaire Records — home also to Publicist (Sebastian Thomson of Trans Am and Weird War), DMX Krew, and Lovelock (Zombi’s Steve Moore) — the single features remixes from likeminded horizontal-disco adepts Hatchback, Steve Moore, Chautaqua, and Broker Dealer’s Ryan Bishop, a.k.a. the Beat Broker. Moore’s remix is the dreamiest of the bunch, with a twinkling synthesizer arpeggio layered over a lazy four-to-the-floor beat and suffused in oodles of reverb. Maybe the title refers to sugar shock, because this mix is as fluffy and sweet as cotton candy.