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Hear Is Tropical’s Propulsive Kitsune Comp Contribution ‘Venezuela’

Is Tropical

For the icing on its 10th anniversary cake, French record label Kitsune will release a special edition of its bi-annual Maison compilation. Featuring contributions from artists including Two Door Cinema Club, Friends, and Citizens!, as well as remixes by the likes of Gigamesh and Le Crayon, Kitsune’s 14th edition of Maison arrives November 5 via themselves, naturally. Find the full tracklist below.

For a first listen off the compilation, Kitsune brings us London electro-pop outfit Is Tropical’s “Venezuela,” featuring fellow Englishmen Get People. The song bobs and weaves with wistful, flute-like synths and grinding beats like a lost track to Ratatat’s Classics, the Londoners croon sweetly and subtly about the country in question. Check it out below.

Maison Track List:
Saint Lou Lou – “Maybe You”
Citizens! – “True Romance” (Gigamesh Remix)
Friends – “I’m His Girl” (Jake Bullit Remix)
Rebecca Molina – “Fall Right”
Plastic Plates ft. Simon Lord – “Things I Didn’t Know I Loved”
Lorenz Rhode ft. Jamie Lidell – “Any Kind of Pressure”
Moonlight Matter ft. Gustaph – “Come For Me” (Punks Jump Up Freestyle Mix)
Two Door Cinema Club – “Sun” (Gildas Kitsune Club Night Short Remix)
Peter & the Magician – “Memory” (Le Crayon Remix)
Rufus – “This Summer” (JBAG Remix)
Thomas Azier – “Red Eyes” (Mike Luck Remix)
Saint Michel – “Friends”
Monde Ideal – “Future Waits”
Wildcat! Wildcat! – “Please and Thank You”
Is Tropical ft. Get People – “Venezuela”
Plaitum – “Geisha”