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Green Day Get Sappy for ‘Twilight’ Song ‘The Forgotten’

billie joe armstrong green day twilight soundtrack

“Don’t look away from the arms of love.” Good advice for philophobic synesthetes everywhere, thanks to Green Day’s latest single, “The Forgotten.” This string-laden, supremely sappy ballad is the Bay Area punk-pop band’s contribution to the next Twilight Saga installment — Breaking Dawn – Part 2 — and the video for it includes plenty of Twihard-baiting shots of R-Patz and K-Stew doing totally normal couples’ things like playing the piano, diving off of mountains, and vampire power-jogging through the woods. There are also lots of long looks from Billie Joe Armstrong and lingering shots of the band, adding an extra layer of sentimentality to the already extremely saccharine affair — par for the course, naturally. As previously reported, the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 soundtrack is also set to include Feist, St. Vincent, and Passion Pit, among others.