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Giorgio Moroder Unleashes Disco Deluge on SoundCloud

Welcome Back, Giorgio: Morder and Donna Summer

Giorgio Moroder is nothing if not generous. We know that much from his 1975 hit with Donna Summer, “Love to Love You Baby,” a tantric ode to extended eroticism that ran to nearly 17 minutes — a fairly unprecedented length for a dance-floor track in that era. Now, the Italo-disco pioneer is giving back to his fans in another way, by unleashing a massive trove of classic songs, alternate mixes, outtakes, instrumentals, and live versions on his two SoundCloud accounts. (It’s unclear why he has two separate accounts; presumably, he opened a new one after maxing out the first.)

He kicked off his spree three weeks ago with “Giorgio’s New Dancing Shoes,” a new production, and he continued with selections from the American Gigolo and Scarface soundtracks. Then he got weird, unearthing cuts from 1975’s Krautrock-tinged Einzelgänger, a rare German-language version of 1966’s “Stop!” and the full, 13-minute version of the 1978 disco classic “Chase.” Since then, he has also given us the 16-minute Battlestar Galactica theme, a live recording from his Louis Vuitton runway show performance, and oddities from 1984’s Metropolis.

The bounty just keeps growing: Today he uploaded a downloadable version of “I Feel Love,” subtitled “Sample for DJs, Remixes, own Edits.” Many of the tracks seem to be available for download for a limited period — presumably, since Moroder doesn’t seem to have a premium account, they’re getting cut off after a certain number of downloads — and he has also included third-party download links for selected tracks whose limit has been reached on SoundCloud. To get first crack at the goods, follow Moroder’s SoundCloud accounts, and get your dancing shoes on.