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Frank Ocean Predicts Grammys Appearance on Mellowhype’s ‘Astro’

Frank Ocean Mellowhype Astro Grammys

Next week, Odd Future swag-core duo Mellowhype will drop their third full-length, Numbers, but you can stream a fresh Frank Ocean-featuring track from it right now. “Astro” is less aggro than much of the MH ouevre, highlighting Hodgy Beats’ relaxed verses and the PBR&B guru’s buttery chorus, which predicts an invevitable Grammys appearance from the rising star who recently kicked off Saturday Night Live‘s new season.

Let Ocean tell it: “Think I’ma wear the yellow tux at the Grammys and rock out with my cock out, like who this kid think he is / It’s just something I seen Prince do, it’s true / No matter what, I’m showing up, don’t give a flying floating fuck what people say / ‘Cause end of the day, start of the day, they all said we wouldn’t get here anyway / Ya blink, and Wolf Gang’s in this bitch.”

Hope the folks in charge of the guest list remembered to invite the whole crew because it sounds like Odd Future will be there regardless, and gate-crashing is kinda their thing. Numbers is also set to include appearances by Earl Sweatshirt and Mike G, but we have a feeling that Frank’s song is going to be a highlight. Stream “Astro” below, plus last week’s far trappier “Grill.”

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