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See Frank Ocean Freestyle, Mosh in Odd Future NYC Takeover Documentary

Frank Ocean Freestyle Mosh Odd Future NYC Takeover

In a 16-minute, grimily shot YouTube video, Odd Future affiliate Mikey Alfred documents the group during their March stop into New York City for shows, photoshoots, and general hijinks. If you can excuse the DIY aesthetic and that cursed thumb smudge on the lens, the highlights include: a dance battle that Tyler, the Creator handily wins (1:30); a Terry Richardson photoshoot that results in at least one bare ass (1:45); a Frank Ocean freestyle (2:50); Trash Talk’s Lee Spielman dancing to Ocean’s live rendition of “Pyramids” (5:00); the crew ripping through “Rella” (8:15); Domo Genesis vomiting into a wastebasket (12:20); Mellowhype’s Hodgy Beats tossing a Corona onto the concrete (13:00); and Ocean returning the favor by jumping into the mosh pit while Trash Talk plays (14:20). And, of course, there’s enough pill popping, weed chiefing, underage drinking, goofing, skating, chest-puffing, and Earl Sweatshirt to go around as well.