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Watch Divine Fits’ Eerie ‘Would That Not Be Nice’ Video

Divine Fits' Britt Daniel

On Spoon’s Transference, Britt Daniel reached new heights of weird minimalism, with shivery vocal effects and stark, geometric guitar lines. “Would That Not Be Nice” finds Daniel with Divine Fits, his supergroup-not-supergroup with Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs) and drum vet Sam Brown (New Bomb Turks), but it goes down very much the same haunted-auteur hall of mirrors. Daniel’s distinctive, raspy cry pierces through the Tron-worthy, grid-like space with artful precision. And then there’s a wobbly synth breakdown.

The video, posted today on Stereogum, applies a similar mad logic to performance footage of the band. The Fits play against a mostly black backdrop, while director Brian Butler bathes them in, to quote a line from the song, “flickering light” — and then some. It’s an appropriately nervy, unsettling clip for a song our reviewer Josh Modell called A Thing Called Divine Fits‘ “zenith.” Daniel, for his part, just calls it his favorite song to play live.