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Die Antwoord Terrorize Lady Gaga in Controversial ‘Fatty Boom Boom’ Video

lady gaga die antwoord fatty boom boom

Like the elephants of their native South Africa, Die Antwoord never forget. Back in March the Zef rappers alleged to MTV Canada that their former label Interscope approached them to open on tour for Lady Gaga, an offer they declined, saying, “um, no don’t worry about it, no thanks.” Ninja further qualified the decision, commenting: “We like making pop music, but we like making hardcore music at the same time, mixing them, but they’ve got, like, soul. It’s not like weak, superficial shit. You know?”

That seemed to put the issue to rest, but only for a time, as the hip-hop collective have rekindled their Mother Monster beef with yet another controversy-skirting video, this time for “Fatty Boom Boom,” the latest Ten$ion single. Eschewing the group’s usual slumsploitation motif, a meat dress-clad male Lady Gaga impersonator sets out on a bus tour of South Africa’s “concrete jungle.” The pop star spots Antwoord busking on the sidewalk and comments on their “freaky fashion” — psycho-pixie vocalist Yo-Landi Vi$$er is once again in head-to-toe blackface (blackbody?) — when the van is carjacked by a rifle-wielding gang. The Gagaganger runs for her life, ending up at local OB/GYN, where she births a grotesque ooze-covered locust in an homage to “Born This Way.” Things, predictably, don’t end well for her as she meets the business end of a not-so-domesticated lion.

Bonus diss: As Under the Gun Review points out, at about 0:46 appears graffiti of a Kanye West- and Nicki Minaj-multiheaded cat defecating the faces of the Black Eyed Peas.

Well, someone isn’t pleased with UMG.