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Death Grips’ Penis Cover Gets Animated in ‘True Vulture’ Video

Death Grips True Vulture penis animated video

Life with Death Grips is just a priapic smörgåsbord. As was widely noted — and turned into the stuff of brilliant dick jokes — the Sacramento rap-thrash band’s latest release NO LOVE DEEP WEB not only came to us for free, but it came toting a boner on its cover. Giddyup! We put our own safe-for-work spin on the art, which is again remade in the fantastical animated video for non-album track, “True Vulture.” Ditching the usual DIY style of their visuals, the group teams up with animator/director Galen Pehrson for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles to create a gloriously psychedelic ride through the cartoon cosmos. Actress Jena Malone (Hunger Games, Donnie Darko) contributes voiceovers and, as a droopy-beaked crow, mumbles something about getting “dick-slapped” moments before a sky rocket in flight crosses the familiar blue bathroom tiles of NO LOVE DEEP WEB‘s cover. It’s an afternoon delight of an acid trip.

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