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Download Darkstar’s Pointillist ‘Timeaway’

Darkstar's 'Timeaway'

Darkstar, a bass-wise London synth-pop trio, released their 2010 debut album, North, on dubstep pioneer Kode9’s Hyperdub label. For their upcoming single, “Timeaway,” they’ve moved to venerable British electronic and experimental label Warp, recently home to such otherwise-disparate acts as Flying Lotus, Grizzly Bear, and TNGHT. The chromakey-dreamcoat flickers and clatters of Darkstar’s latest hark back to older Warp signings like Boards of Canada and other music that tends to get described, cliché or not, as “pastoral.” Lush, layered falsetto floats through the track’s cybernetic garden. You can listen to the song below, and download it here. Go here to pre-order the 12″ single, due out in the U.S. on November 13 and featuring 10 locked-groove loops titled “News #1-10.”