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Cloud Nothings Dedicate Jazzy ‘Fall In’ Video to Choreographer Busby Berkeley

From their SPIN Essential LP, "Attack On Memory"

Lest we forget Attack on Memory, the SPIN Essential that Cloud Nothings released early this year, the Cleveland grunge-punkers have delivered a classy new video for the album’s most upbeat pop-shredding bit of ear candy, “Fall In.” In the clip, a gaggle of female dancers in old fashioned swimwear run well-choreographed circles around Dylan Baldi and his humble band bros, who sport the requisite ripped white tees and dark denim of their career and station. Director John Ryan Manning, who also helmed the group’s harrowing “No Future/No Past” short, dedicates this one to legendary Hollywood choreographer Busby Berkeley, but “Fall In” includes a modern twist: Before the grand finale, the dancers beam rays of white light across the black backdrop with the assistance of some high-powered smartphones.