Bruce Springsteen Slips ‘Marijuana’ Into Obama Song

Bruce Springsteen and Bill Clinton

It’s a tribute to Bruce Springsteen’s showmanship that he can appear to be speaking off the cuff even when he’s repeating words he’s already said on other stages. The guy plays a lot of shows, after all. The Boss made another campaign appearance last night in Virginia on behalf of President Barack Obama, and he dusted off his goofy new pro-Obama ditty, “Forward and Away We Go.”

Though the Virginia appearance has already made headlines for its presidential impersonation and for “Forward” seeming “made up on the spot,” the song is basically the same one he premiered last week in Ohio and Iowa. He’s mimicked Obama’s cool speaking style before, too — you can see it best in this Des Moines Register video (and you definitely should check it out, because it’s surreal). What was actually new in Charlottesville on Tuesday (October 23) was a playful weed reference: “Smilin’ Joe Biden brought the drama / Fox News said he’d been smokin’ marijuana.” If New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has his way, that’ll be decriminalized anyway. Four more years for the Choom Gang, and away we go.

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