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Axl Rose to Break 20-Year Live TV Hiatus on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

Axl Rose Guns N Roses Jimmy Kimmel Live

Axl Rose has been a busy little headbanger of late. First, there’s the new look, which we’d like to dub Yosemite Glam. Last week, came the “Sweet Child O’ Die” art gallery flap. Then there was all that Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drama — the 1,038-word rejection letter, the additional 514 words of apology — and his ongoing lawsuit against Guitar Hero for daring to place him in the same virtual environment as Slash. And then came the Guns N’ Roses Euro tour, which included a couple of tumbles and a robbery.

You’d think the fella would be ready for a rest, or just want to hide for a year or so, but the GNR godhead is, instead, giving his first live broadcast television interview in over 20 years. On Wednesday, October 24, Rose will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where we assume he’ll talk about all of that, comment on whether he’s spray-painted anything ever, or maybe just try to auction off a blender in real time. A week after that, to the day, GNR kick off their 12-night run at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The last time Rose agreed to a televised interview was November 2011, when the hosts of VH1’s That Metal Show went backstage at a GNR tour stop in Miami. Axl showed up at 5:30 a.m. It was his first TV interview of any kind in over a decade.

The band’s residency begins Halloween night and continues every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday night up through November 24. Tickets start at $41 for the “Appetite for Democracy” run, whose title of course combines the name of the band’s first album, Appetite for Destruction, with that of their most recent, Chinese Democracy, even if it sounds like a get-out-the-vote rally. The band is celebrating Destruction‘s 25th anniversary, and so are we.