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Watch Andrew W.K. Pretend to Electrocute Magician David Blaine

“Illusionist” David Blaine, tired that no one was paying attention, strapped on an old-timey divers’ suit and climbed atop a podium in Manhattan this weekend to affect an impression of those static electricty globes that were popular in the ’80s. Someone paid unwitting Brony mascot Andrew W.K. to be there, and so he was, calling it “the party-est thing I’ve ever done!” Then the white-shirted rocker pretended to send million-volt electric shocks to Blaine via Tesla coil and keyboard while an audience feigned as much enthusiasm as one can for an act that’s been done before (by MythBusters! Adam Savage, no less), while standing in a niggling October drizzle. Pharrell showed up to, too.

For those who haven’t seen The Prestige or been to an educational science museum, you can watch videos of both musicians flipping the switch on the very content and comfortable-looking magician below. David Blaine’s spectacle has its finale tonight (October 8).