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Watch Rihanna, Jay-Z and Coldplay Close Out Paralympics

The trio gives a surprise performance of "Run This Town"

The 2012 London Olympics closed in a Vegas-like explosion of excess and goofy spectacle that managed to drown out just about everything of musical note that took place. Not so with the Paralympic Games, which wrapped at the London Olympic Stadium on Sunday night. The highlight performance was big enough to speak for itself: a superstar team-up of Coldplay, Jay-Z and Rihanna doing “Run This Town.”

Sure, there were flame-wielding Shaolin monks, a steam-punk drum line and Chris Martin’s DayGlo graffiti, all of which made the show seems like it was happening in the Shredder’s underground lair, but we’ll take that over Russell Brand singing “I Am the Walrus” from the top of the Magical Mystery Tourbus any day. Rihanna also sung “We Found Love” from a park bench dangling three stories above the floor, so, you know, suck it, VMAs.