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Finland’s Sasu Ripatti has explored every nook and cranny of electronic music through his various aliases — Vladislav Delay, Luomo, Sistol, Uusitalo. Recorded under his glitchiest and sparsest pen name, 2000’s Multila captured the former jazz drummer’s most muddled years, a tumble of druggy loops and ghost rhythms that he barely remembers making. As ephemeral as the Aurora Borealis, as cryptic as the Numbers Stations, it was far out even for the Chain Reaction label.

Panda Bear: We’d gotten into electronic music but this sounded…vague. Everything was so vague and muted.

Geologist: It wasn’t sharp and in-your-face, it wasn’t tape music that sounded old.

Avey Tare: It would almost start like it wouldn’t be anything at all. Just rumbling coming from the speaker and then over time you realize, “Wait…all these rhythms are coming together.” Things would just come out of the murkiness and come together. It was just building weird pops and clicks into rhythms.

Geologist: The three of us went to see him. It was the summer that the three of us were playing a lot and starting the seeds of Danse Manatee. Just a lot of cool sounds.

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